Monday, May 10, 2010

20 Cool Rocks and Rock Formations

Back in the old days, rocks used to be made of wood. But with today's technology and means of productions, rocks are now made out of rock, making them much cooler, and much more interesting. Here are 20 cool rocks and rock formations:

It's neat how it is just one big, flat slab, with a random hole in it.

To me, this looks like an AT-AT from Star Wars.

Not the safest source of shade.

Looks like a spaceship.
Looks like it has been sliced in half.

This is an aerial view from Google Earth. Looks like an Indian listening to an i-pod.

It's like a bite was taken out of it.

This is Double Arch in Arches National Park, Utah. Been there, it's awesome.

Looks like that rock was just placed there. Also the other one looks like a... Oh, well, nevermind.

Balanced Rock in Arches National Park, Utah. Been there too.

This giant rock is in Spain. There are 644 stairs crisscrossing their way up the giant crack in the rock, all the way to the top.


There ya go Brian.

Neat how it is just balanced on that tiny point.

Folded rock. Big deal. I could do that if I wanted to.

Looks like a horse or something.

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Michael said...

"Back in the old days, rocks used to be made of wood."


Brian said...

I took that mushroom rock picture.

Could you add that link to your list of sources pls, or preferably link to it with the photo? Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Haha Brian what a loser

Anonymous said...

they are not formations they are land forms!

Brian said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice pics, shame about the site's author's childish comments.

Notorious Nick said...

Yeah, that site author is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

this is some bull none of this is real

Anonymous said...

Very cool pics ! I have a couple more if you would like to see them.

Anonymous said...

These rocks are giving me a hard sphincter

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